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Remote working brings its own data privacy and security challenges

Remote workers may be settling into a new normal of working from home, and taking care of their health and the welfare of their families, friends and neighbors. Organisations may still face some struggles to provision their people well, as home-grade bandwidth, lower level computing power and the need to meet privacy and security regulations might all pose some challenges. As document production is a primary activity for many of us, I am pleased that Dragon Professional Anywhere can help in all of these areas.

Many of us are now getting used to a new working environment – our own homes. We’ve created working spaces, set up systems for coping with the family at home together, if there are children at home we’re ensuring they are kept occupied, educated, and entertained, and we’re looking after our family, friends and neighbors. This is starting to feel like the new normal.

Behind the personal, social and health management parts of the new normal is a technology infrastructure that may need to stretch and change in numerous ways.

Perhaps organisations struggle to provision their people with new tools, perhaps home- grade bandwidth can’t cope with office-style traffic, or the computers people are using are mid-range or lower in their capabilities, causing issues for some of the more demanding applications that might normally run in the office. And of course, alongside all of these issues, an organisation needs to ensure that meets data privacy regulations and keeps data secure.

Document production and collaborative working is at the heart of so much of our work these days, that I think it is fair to say this needs to be got right as a priority, and made as easy as possible for every remote worker, whatever their technology and bandwidth, while also meeting those regulatory and data security requirements.

I’m really pleased that Dragon Professional Anywhere can help.

Dragon Professional Anywhere runs on thin client and virtual systems. Without getting too technical, I want to note that it supports Citrix XenApp®, Citrix XenDesktop®, VMware® Horizon View, RDSH Server and Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services. So remote workers can function perfectly well on mid-range laptops, with home-grade bandwidth.

With data centers located in the European judicial area and certified according to ISO 27001, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other security standards are met.  Dragon uses 256-bit encryption too, to ensure data security both in transit and on our servers.

The cloud-based nature of Dragon Professional Anywhere means it is very scalable too. Add seats when you need them, shed them when you don’t. So an organisation currently looking at doing things differently and weighing up the costs has transparency and can forecast spending into a future that might need to be pretty flexible in the coming months.

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