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Physician Burnout

The pandemic has driven physician burnout levels to an unprecedented high, yet providers are still driven to high-quality care with limited resources and inefficient documentation solutions. Nuance understands these issues, and with Dragon Medical One – our #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition solution – clinicians can create higher quality documentation with greater flexibility to optimize their workflows and improve the provider experience that, ultimately, benefits patients.

Nuance drives to its primary goal of empowering healthcare providers with technologies and solutions that help document and deliver better patient care. Most recently, that commitment contributed to Nuance’s distinction as #1 Best in KLAS 2022 Award for Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR for its Dragon Medical One (DMO) solution.

This award recognizes feedback from frontline healthcare providers and hospital executives who have deployed and depend on DMO every day. These providers shared their first-hand experiences about how DMO achieves higher-quality documentation and drives documentation and EHR efficiencies through voice recognition and voice-enabled commands.

Consider how Allina Health partnered with Nuance to provide a strong technology foundation to improve their providers’ efficiency with real-time, quality documentation at the point of care. What propelled this initiative? The organization wanted to address provider burnout. Allina recognized burnout had a significantly negative impact on efficiency, satisfaction, and patient experience.

It’s no secret that burnout, which the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated, impacts the patient-provider experience, and takes a toll on one’s personal life, mental health, and overall wellbeing. When deployed carefully and effectively, healthcare technologies play a significant role in alleviating physician burnout.

Improving clinician productivity and efficiency helps combat the challenges outlined above, particularly administrative and documentation burdens. Allina Health found that implementing Dragon Medical One did just that. As one provider said, “By using speech recognition and my multistep commands, I spend less time documenting my visit notes and greatly improve their quality and readability.” Another provider, who’s expanded her use of Dragon Medical One beyond patient documentation, agreed: “the accuracy and speed of the speech recognition help me work more efficiently.”

This type of first-hand feedback is what propelled Nuance to garner the top spot for this year’s Best in KLAS award. Listening and responding to feedback is critical to helping us understand what works, what needs attention and improvement, and how we can work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to create the innovations that transform healthcare delivery and documentation.

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Robert Budman, MD MBA

About Robert Budman, MD MBA

Dr. Robert Budman, MD, MBA, and Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP) with AHIMA, is the Chief Medical Information Officer for Nuance Healthcare. He supports the Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) product line and develops training and education materials for outbound and internal use. Dr. Budman is Board Certified in Family Med & Informatics. He focuses on efficiency, safety, and quality initiatives with global experience in multi-EHR and service line care delivery. His work involves implementation, workflow adoption, and optimization. Dr. Budman earned multiple clinical awards and speaks extensively on healthcare IT.