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A Real View of…cloud-based radiology innovation with PowerScribe One and Nines teleradiology

Nines is deploying the Nuance PowerScribe One cloud platform to deliver conversational AI and other advanced capabilities in its cutting-edge teleradiology practice.

PowerScribe One is the cloud-based centerpiece of our portfolio of diagnostic imaging solutions. Its structured data model, standards support, real-time communications, and AI-powered workflow and decision support tools help radiologists improve care and financial outcomes while enhancing productivity and reducing burnout. The PowerScribe One cloud platform also unites a wider collaborative community of innovators and radiologists advancing the practice of radiology at large.

That’s exactly what Nines, Inc., is planning with its deployment of PowerScribe One in its pioneering, cloud-based teleradiology practice based in Silicon Valley and serving health care centers nationwide.  I recently connected with Nines CEO David Stavens, PhD, and medical director Dr. Jean-Paul Dym, MD, about their experiences with PowerScribe One and their perspectives and insights as a Nuance innovation partner.

KH: Tell us a bit about Nines. What is unique about your cloud-hosted teleradiology model?

David Stavens:  We provide a better approach to teleradiology by partnering world-class radiologists with machine learning engineers to build modern cloud-based tools that improve quality-of-care and quality-of-life outcomes for physicians, hospitals, medical practices, and patients. Our distinguished radiologists and advisors bring business and clinical insights from years of experience running top radiology practices.

KH: How would you characterize the challenges faced by clinicians and the teleradiology practices serving them?

David Stavens:  Historically, radiologists and physicians faced communications challenges in providing timely and actionable reports. This has been particularly true for radiologists working remotely. We’re solving for that by giving teleradiologists AI- and cloud-powered technology to enable high-quality, prioritized reads with consistent turnaround times and rapid, actionable communication.

KH: Why is PowerScribe One the ideal fit for Nines?

David Stavens:  PowerScribe One is hosted in the cloud and does not require on-premise software. That means that Nuance and Nines can quickly deploy, update, and customize features for the Nines teleradiology service. It gives radiologists the advanced tools they need to alleviate fatigue and combat burnout while helping the physicians, hospitals, and medical practices they read for improve patient outcomes regardless of where they’re located.

Dr. Dym: As a Nuance innovation partner, we gain early access to the latest features in Nuance PowerScribe One. That includes Ambient Mode that automatically converts free-form dictation into structured reports and other new capabilities as we develop them. That kind of flexibility fits our pioneering business model and enables us to bring new features and capabilities to customers more quickly.

KH: Since you went live with PowerScribe One, have any elements stood out as the most beneficial to your radiologists? 

Dr. Dym:  I’ve used earlier versions of PowerScribe, and I have to say that the new UX in PowerScribe One is exceptionally intuitive and easy on the eyes especially during long hours in the reading room. The heads-up display is great because it minimizes the application and creates a moveable transparent window with relevant info when I need or want it. I can keep my eyes on the image and still keep track of where I am in the report, confirm that I’m recording, and access helpful clinical guidance that PowerScribe One provides. I’d also say that the cloud-based speech recognition is even faster and more accurate.

KH: How do you see Nines’ collaboration with Nuance helping to achieve your business goals?

David Stavens:  PowerScribe One is a key component of our operating plan that will help us achieve our growth and clinical goals. Part of that is being able to deliver timely, high-quality and actionable reports to clinicians wherever they’re located to help them improve patient outcomes. Another is the ability to save costs through cloud efficiencies and streamlined radiology workflows. Finally, the flexibility to upgrade and expand our services via the cloud ensures clients that they have access to the most current technologies and clinical practices.

Our teleradiology business model itself is a breakthrough and an important part of the data-driven transformation of radiology. We expect to continue to deliver new capabilities and benefits to radiologists as a Nuance innovation partner and be a leader in advancing the practice of radiology.

KH: Thank you David and Dr. Dym. We look forward to hearing more about your innovations and your successes. Perhaps the most significant benefit of PowerScribe One and the Nuance cloud-based radiology solutions portfolio may be the synergy that comes from people collaborating to harness the power of AI to amplify human potential. Nines is a great example of the innovation partnerships which we’re proud to support.

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