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Turning vision into reality at RSNA 2020 with the “Radiology Experience of the Future”

While they may have appeared to the casual observer to be discrete developments, each of the diagnostic solutions product, service, and partnership announcements that we’ve made in recent years has been driving toward realizing a singular vision: transforming radiology and patient and financial outcomes with advanced AI-powered solutions. At the RSNA 2020 virtual annual meeting, we’re giving radiologists a first look at the future of radiology – a future that’s available today.

At each of the past few RSNA annual meetings, Nuance has introduced important new capabilities and enhancements for our diagnostic solutions portfolio. That includes the Nuance® AI Marketplace, Nuance PowerScribe™ One, and for 2020, the integration of Common Data Elements standards into PowerScribe One. We’ve also increased investments in PowerScribe Follow-up Manager, mPower Clinical Analytics, the PowerShare™ Network, and expanded key partnerships with the American College of Radiology and numerous AI developers and radiology innovators.

Each represented an essential step toward realizing our long-standing vision for the future of radiology. This year during a RSNA Livestream event, we’re showing how we’re turning that vision into reality by delivering the “Radiology Experience of the Future” today.

The live demonstration will take you on a patient journey and show how you’ll be able to harness the power of CDE, structured reporting, workflow-integrated AI tools, and system interoperability to make data-driven radiology a practical reality. The event will show how Nuance solutions help you at each step from planning and preparation to interpretation and reporting, team communication, completion of follow-up recommendations, and continuous quality improvement for better care and financial outcomes.

Leaders from prominent healthcare organizations also will share how they’re using Nuance solutions to improve workflow efficiency, care team coordination, and patient outcomes while addressing radiologist burnout and the impact these solutions have on them and their communities.

Preparation meets opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered dramatic changes in healthcare and accelerated developments that were underway before the crisis began, including the growth of teleradiology. So it seems fitting that this year’s RSNA and the “Radiology Experience of the Future” demonstration will be a virtual event.

The old expression that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” may apply. We are fortunate that many of the plans that we set years ago have put us in a position to show how we’re turning that vision into reality. We’re doubly fortunate that we can do so at a time when radiologists need and are ready for those advancements more than ever.

As Nuance did with the HIMSS 2019 demonstration of ambient clinical intelligence and the “exam room of the future,” we intend the RSNA “Radiology Experience of the Future” event to be a clear and practical demonstration of how you can realize the benefits of “future” solutions in your reading and reporting environment today.

We hope that you can join our virtual event by registering here. We look forward to your questions and feedback.

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