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Taking charge of community health: The power of rural hospitals

One in five Americans – approximately 57 million — live in rural communities. Today, on National Rural Health Day, we commend the dedicated medical professionals who care for them and the organizations that make it possible.

The logistics and realities rural hospitals face have unique complexities vs. organizations in metropolitan or urban settings. The challenges of rising costs, new regulations, changing reimbursement models, clinician burnout, and staffing shortages are intensified in the rural community. Rural hospital risk compounded with the COVID-19 pandemic and surges . And yet, most rural health organizations achieve better patient satisfaction and outcomes as compared to their non-rural peers while charging less.*

We are proud at Nuance Healthcare to play a part in that success. Our clinical documentation solutions help care teams efficiently use their time and resources by offering a more natural way to capture the patient story.

We delight in these achievements:

Our goal is to empower providers and staff with tools that drive productivity and provide resources appropriate for the setting and worth the investment. We are privileged to help rural facilities enhance the lives of caregivers and patients alike.

Thank you for all you do and enjoy the well-deserved recognition!

*Michael Topchik, Rural Relevance 2017: Assessing the State of Rural Healthcare in America, (iVantage Health Analytics, 2017)

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Robert Budman, MD MBA

About Robert Budman, MD MBA

Dr. Robert Budman, MD, MBA, and Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP) with AHIMA, is the Chief Medical Information Officer for Nuance Healthcare. He supports the Computer Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) product line and develops training and education materials for outbound and internal use. Dr. Budman is Board Certified in Family Med & Informatics. He focuses on efficiency, safety, and quality initiatives with global experience in multi-EHR and service line care delivery. His work involves implementation, workflow adoption, and optimization. Dr. Budman earned multiple clinical awards and speaks extensively on healthcare IT.