Documentation is on the move

As the way we work and live continues to evolve, new mobility trends see more professionals seeking smarter applications to help them get their work done from anywhere.

As people continue to use their mobile devices to access content, it’s not surprising to see, as part of this mobility trend, a growing demand for intelligent applications to help complete documentation. While the trusty desktop isn’t going away anytime soon, new and powerful cloud-based solutions mean more employees want to use their mobile devices to complete work.

We are seeing this trend take place with many of the document-intensive industries we serve. Social service professionals are seeking voice-enabled mobile tools to document in-field interactions with their clients, so they can not only capture more details but improve report accuracy and productivity. A growing number of legal professionals are using mobile devices to take client notes in real-time and then transcribe them back at the office. Even educators are arming students with tablets and voice-powered technology to tap into new ways to unleash student creativity.

Professionals in these, and countless other industries, are leveraging mobile documentation productivity tools to help them complete everyday documentation tasks faster and more accurately.

The Foothills Academy is a prime example of the growing shift in how we all work. The Calgary-based school is using Dragon Anywhere Group, our cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation tool to help students get homework done smarter, all by voice.

According to Cathi Graveline, the Academy’s Assistive Technology Specialist, students as young as 8 years old are using Dragon and their iPads to dictate homework and classroom assignments. “Our population of students with Learning Disabilities are experiencing increased independence, success and confidence, as Dragon helps to eliminate or minimize barriers that interfere with the writing process, such as spelling and handwriting,” says Cathi

“Dictating their work helps to free up cognitive space so that students don’t lose their thoughts and ideas while worrying about the mechanics of writing,” she continued. “Students often tell me that their marks have improved since they started using Dragon. To quote a grade 8 student “Dragon is my best friend”

As the way we live, and work continues to evolve, I don’t see the demand for mobile tools ending anytime soon.

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