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Is your documentation workflow at a standstill?

By embracing mobile tools, companies can accelerate the speed of data collection, ensure the information captured is accurate, and provide employees with the ability to work how and where they want.

In today’s digital world, work doesn’t take time off. With the influx of mobile technologies, from applications, devices, to the ever-increasing speed of broadband, employees have – and expect –immediate access to constant streams of information, making it possible to work from anywhere, at any time.

Since employees are always connected, companies need to be too. Cumbersome workflows are becoming more streamlined, with more organizations using intuitive mobile tools to improve their business processes, client service – and in many cases, productivity. This shift is no longer a nice to have, but a must-have – and for multiple reasons.

Embracing new tools attracts new hires

In this new mobile environment, businesses need to be aligned with the demands of their workforce; which means they always need to be looking ahead. Generation Y and Z enter the workforce with a tech-savvy mindset, and expect to have the most innovative tools readily available to them. They want to communicate, connect and work the way they want and where they want.  And, if your organization isn’t embracing solutions that enhance both internal and external workflows and are collaborative and agile, you may not attract the best candidates for the job.

We often hear this with many of the businesses we work with, for instance police departments, who are constantly looking to onboard new tools to better engage younger officers coming up in the field.

The mobile enterprise is already here

As mobile devices continue to evolve, there will be unlimited opportunities to harness their power to increasingly improve the way employees work and learn. Innovations, from augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), are just a few of the new and upcoming concepts being embraced by business to enable access to, and the creation and sharing of data in new ways

Mobile documentation is just one example of a big shift taking place. Once relegated to desktop applications alone, today employees who work in the field are creating reports, filling out forms – and essentially getting any type of documentation done, uploaded and shared in real-time using a single device – their mobile phone or tablet.

Moving critical information where it needs to be

Because of poor workflows, some areas within an established business could be overlooked, and in some cases, increase risk if the accuracy of documentation is compromised.

Legal proceedings, for instance, are bound by clear and precise notes. A police incident report, if compromised or delayed, can negatively impact the outcome of a criminal case. The interaction between client and financial advisor now needs to be clearly articulated to mitigate compliance risk and meet new fiduciary regulations. The stakes to chronicle information within reports, and other business paperwork accurately, effectively – and oftentimes with immediacy – is extremely important, and critical to many businesses.

By embracing new tools, especially those with mobility in mind, a business can better accelerate the speed of data collection, ensure the information captured is accurate, and best of all, provide employees with the ability to work how and where they want.

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