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Exciting advances in speech recognition for law enforcement

Nuance is committed to working closely with law enforcement agencies to learn how our Dragon solutions can provide even more support to optimize documentation workflows. This commitment has led us to two significant advances that will proudly be highlighted at the 2022 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference. Learn how our Dragon solutions now support the FBI’s CJIS security policy and, the enhancements to our vision for Multi-Speaker Transcription to help automate the suspect interview process.

As budgets tighten and recruitment and retention challenges show no signs of abating for law enforcement, we’ve been working closely with agencies across the US to help their officers achieve more with fewer resources.

Using Dragon Law Enforcement, our dedicated, locally installed, speech recognition solution, we’ve helped hundreds of agencies make major improvements in the documentation workflow across their patrol, investigative and administrative teams.

Many agencies use Dragon to significantly improve agency efficiency and release time back to the department —such as Watertown Police Department, which reduced investigative report turnaround times from as long as a day and a half to 45 minutes. Others are dramatically improving officers’ safety in the field, using Dragon to help officers capture incident reports and other documentation while remaining “heads up” and situationally aware of their surroundings. One example – the Ogden, UT Police Department that reported 85% of its officers felt safer using Dragon during their pilot.

The advances we’ve made – one current and one in development – will deliver significant value for law enforcement professionals and the communities they serve.

All our Dragon law enforcement solutions support CJIS security policy.

More than 400 agencies across the US already leverage Dragon Law Enforcement, giving officers a faster, safer, and more efficient way to create incident reports and navigate CAD/RMS systems.

And from now on, Dragon Law Enforcement will be accessible to even more officers across the US.

We’re proud all our Dragon speech recognition solutions—including Dragon Law Enforcement—now support the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy. That means every law enforcement agency can benefit from Dragon’s speech recognition capabilities, while resting assured Dragon supports CJIS security policy.   

As our Dragon speech recognition solutions -whether cloud-native or locally installed – b ecome accessible to more law enforcement professionals, we’re also exploring how we can expand their limits—to streamline more of the most labor-intensive law enforcement activities, and help agencies achieve more with fewer resources.

Expanding the IACP 2019 “Interview Room of the Future” vision with Nuance Multi-Speaker Transcription

Readers of this blog that attended the IACP 2019 conference likely remember our vision for the “Interview Room of the Future”. For IACP 2022, we’re excited to showcase our ongoing development efforts with Multi-Speaker Transcription—a concept we continue to advance with the goal of supporting law enforcement officers conducting suspect and witness interviews.

The solution uses speaker diarization, a method that partitions speakers’ voices into separate audio streams and merges them into a single, real-time transcript. Automatically attributing utterances to individual speakers, it will help to reduce the time needed for transcription, as well as reducing reliance on costly transcription services.

The possibilities for law enforcement include detectives being able to perform keyword searches on accurate, automated transcripts of every interview held, facilitating, and accelerating their investigations—and ultimately, empowering them to help advance prosecutions and take criminals off the street. And by automating the process, the practicality of transcribing interviews (i.e., for misdemeanors) that might not have been cost-effective before suddenly becomes viable.  Suffice it to say my entire team is excited to show you what we’ve been up to since 2019!

See Dragon Law Enforcement in action

You can see Nuance Multi-Speaker Transcription, along with our other Dragon speech recognition solutions, at booth #4216 at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, October 15-18th.

You’ll be able to experience firsthand how the power of Microsoft + Nuance is poised to revolutionize suspect and witness interviews and learn how the technology could transform operations within your own agency. 

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Learn more about our speech recognition solutions for law enforcement and schedule a demo at our IACP booth in October, all on our dedicated infohub.

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