Law enforcement

Expressing gratitude for law enforcement officials during National Police Week

Each year on May 15th, tens of thousands of law enforcement officials gather in Washington, D.C. to pay tribute to those who were injured or lost their lives in the line of duty. Known as National Peace Officers Memorial Day, as it was designated by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, this day happens during National Police Week.

National Police Week has grown significantly since its beginnings. Today, the week-long tribute draws more than 25,000 dedicated police officers from departments and agencies across the nation and around the world. This year in particular, my appreciation runs even deeper. As we all work tirelessly to adapt to new, unprecedented circumstances, police officers and other first responders continue to fight for the public’s safety, health, peace and comfort – and there’s nothing more selfless than that.   

I’ve been truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with law enforcement officials across the country and hear their stories, understanding firsthand that these people are unwavering in their pursuit of public safety, justice and community welfare.

To our customers: From our Boston-based neighbors at the Attleboro, MA and Methuen, MA Police Departments, to the members of the San Bernardino, CA Police Department and Department of Safety for Denver Public Schools, and all our law enforcement partners in between, it is our honor to support your work, even on a small scale, with our solutions.

To the departments and agencies worldwide: we are incredibly grateful for your steadfast commitment to safeguarding our communities and nation as a whole. Your unbounded courage inspires us.  

Though the National Police Week observances look different this year, our respect and gratitude for those they honor remain resolute. On behalf of the Nuance Dragon team, we thank you and celebrate you today and every day.