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Making real-time reporting and data sharing a reality

As technology continues to evolve, work is moving towards a wherever and whenever model with enterprise mobility driving growth for solutions that allow for real-time data sharing. These cross-platform, cloud-based solutions help improve collaboration, report detail, and accuracy, as well as customer and community service.

Growing shifts in mobilization mean business is moving faster than ever today. Technology not only enables us to work with increased efficiency and speed but also more productively. The demand for smart devices and cloud-based applications make it easier to work across different platforms to capture, report, and share data and helps drive better customer and community service.

This real-time collaboration is even more critical for organizations that have systems in place to share, such as computer-aided dispatch and records management systems (CAD/RMS) in law enforcement, electronic health records in healthcare, or other customer relationship management tools. They need to ensure that information does not become siloed, and users can capture and share information effortlessly.

The issue of real-time data sharing was the primary focus of a recent National Association of Counties 84th Annual Conference and Exposition, where three county governments presented their plan to make data integration a top priority to better serve their populations.

Law Enforcement, who depend on their CAD/RMS systems to quickly and accurately document and share mission-critical information, are beginning to recognize this more as well. Many departments are now starting to use intelligent voice-powered technologies to make it not only more convenient and faster to help search for and document mission-critical information, but also keep officers safer by letting them be more attuned to their surroundings. Using these integrated, mobile solutions, they are better able to capture, document, and share information within the CAD/RMS and stay heads-up and situationally aware.

As technology continues to evolve and we begin to work more wherever and whenever, organizations who embrace solutions that allow for real-time data sharing can improve collaboration, report detail, and accuracy, and more importantly, community and customer service.

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