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Summer-proof productivity and go mobile

Enterprise mobility has changed the business world, making productivity more attainable. Even so, staying productive can be a tough balancing act, especially during the summer months. For industries that rely heavily on connectivity outside of the office, powerful new mobile tools make it easier to work away from the desktop; something that can come in handy during the summer months, when we all want to spend some time away.

Mobile usage changes when it gets warmer; as an example, smartphone usage spikes by 2x when the weather heats up. Let’s face it, during the summer months, when many of us start thinking about spending quality time with friends and family, being productive can become a difficult balancing act.  Fortunately, there are new, powerful mobile tools that make it easier to work anytime and from anywhere, and more importantly, can give us back valuable time.

As mobile usage continues to trend upward, more organizations are embracing solutions to empower their employees to work outside of the office, out in the field, or keep them connected wherever their jobs take them.  Not surprisingly, worldwide spending on mobility solutions for the enterprise exceeded $1.6 Trillion worldwide last year and is predicted to continue to grow.

The ability to work away from the office doesn’t just benefit individuals trying to escape their desks. It’s also benefitting organizations such as police departments.

Police officers, for example, often find themselves busier during the summer. In fact, data suggests that there is a direct connection between higher crime rates and warmer weather, according to Drexel University researchers who found as temperatures increased so too did rates of crimes.

This means even more reporting for police officers, who already spend upwards of 3 to 4 hours per shift on reporting. Because they are required to document each incident, summer months can have many officers buried in even more paperwork. To combat heavy reporting demands, more and more law enforcement agencies are beginning to pair speech recognition software with in-vehicle laptops to enable officers to keep up with incident reports and become more efficient while out in the field.

The legal industry is another great example of a group of professionals who need to manage productivity with effective time management. Like police officers, lawyers also need to accurately capture client notes and document other case matter to support legal proceedings, oftentimes away from the office, and in real-time. With new mobile dictation apps like Dragon Anywhere, they can simply dictate notes on their mobile phone and share it with staff, even if they’re relaxing on a beach.

As the summer approaches and we all start thinking about spending quality time away from work, there’s no reason to fret or forfeit vacation. With anytime, anywhere access, mobile tools can keep us more productive – and hopefully, give us all back some much-needed time to relax.

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