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At the end of the day…be thankful

Thanksgiving is a great time to take stock of your many blessings.

The first Thanksgiving was a harvest feast celebrated by a diverse group. Puritans who had come to the “New World” seeking religious freedom, and Native Americans who banded with them to protect themselves from other tribes, celebrated the fall harvest together. The Puritans had much to celebrate since they survived the long journey across the ocean. These Puritans made it through that first winter, and with the help of the local Wampanoag tribe, they had a hearty supply of food to sustain them through the next winter.  Great reasons to be thankful.

I started a tradition many years ago that right before Thanksgiving I make a list of all the things for which I’m grateful.  I started this tradition one year when I felt I was taking too many blessings in my life for granted.

I am a list maker by nature, so my tradition is to make a list of blessings, big and small.  The list includes people in my life, places I’ve been, laughter shared with friends, and moments in my life that stand out.   Several years ago, I remember reflecting that I was grateful to be healthy, but that if I were to ever get sick, I would make sure to write my husband and daughters letters about all their wonderful qualities. However, I realized that I should not wait for some unfortunate situation, so I wrote and gave them the letters.

Sometimes I get so busy I forget to take stock of what matters, and this tradition helps me to remember.

What’s your list?

At the end of the day… is an expression meaning an assessment of essential facts and truths. It’s a summation of the pros and cons of any situation and a straightforward statement of what really matters. It’s also the title of this blog series by Brenda Hodge, Nuance Healthcare’s Chief Marketing Officer, with insights about leadership, empathetic customer relationships, and marketing techniques.

Brenda Hodge

About Brenda Hodge

Brenda leads all aspects of Nuance's marketing function working to develop the go-to-market approach, building the Nuance brand to drive growth, and expanding client relationships to increase loyalty. She joined Nuance from Optum where she most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer for the Provider Market segment. Brenda’s career spans multinational sales and marketing leadership roles at companies such as GloStream, Allscripts/Misys Healthcare Systems, and SAS Institute.