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At the end of the day….it’s about the patients.

A newborn with a life-threatening condition required urgent care. Connecting this baby with his care team via Nuance’s cloud-enabled medical imaging exchange meant connecting him with the resources he needed to save his life.

There was a newborn baby who had an abnormal x-ray; we’ll call this newborn baby Christian. The medical team at the hospital where baby Christian was being seen, urgently sought assistance from the Chief Quality Officer of their healthcare system. Upon getting a call from the neonatal team, this physician asked them to share the medical image with him by uploading baby Christian’s x-ray to the Nuance cloud network. The doctor was en route to another hospital, but he was able to pull up the image on his iPhone.

As a radiologist reviewed Christian’s x-ray and registered concern, he requested an upper GI series from the team at Christian’s hospital, again asking that the images be shared with the entire care team. At one point, there were as many as four different doctors at four sites reviewing baby Christian’s x-rays via the cloud image exchange. Together, they arrived at a diagnosis: a life-threatening condition where the bowel twists, often leading to death.

A helicopter was dispatched. Christian was airlifted to the main hospital and sent directly to the operating room. No detours to the emergency room. No delays in going to another neonatal unit. The team had the diagnosis and could act quickly and appropriately.

Baby Christian survived and, of course, his parents were grateful beyond words.

I share this story because the ability to impact care is what drives us each and every day. We extract clinical facts, the science of life and death — and give care teams a voice and a way to connect with purpose. We are helping save lives with technology-enabled care and collaboration.

Behind every technology, every set of actions, you’ll find a family, a baby, an aging parent—a patient who relies on a team to care for them — and the patient’s health and well-being are at the center of what we do.

At the end of the day…it’s about the patients.


Brenda Hodge

About Brenda Hodge

Brenda leads all aspects of Nuance's marketing function working to develop the go-to-market approach, building the Nuance brand to drive growth, and expanding client relationships to increase loyalty. She joined Nuance from Optum where she most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer for the Provider Market segment. Brenda’s career spans multinational sales and marketing leadership roles at companies such as GloStream, Allscripts/Misys Healthcare Systems, and SAS Institute.