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As leaders in the business world, financial, accounting and insurance firms have eagerly adopted new technologies to help deliver better client service. By embracing cloud-based accounting, financial and insurance solutions that provide rich analysis, reporting capability and client profiles, firms have also enjoyed improved processes and cost-effective solutions. Yet, document creation remains sluggish. Keyboards are still the main tool for creating documents in these paper prolific sectors; and even as the need for more documentation to meet stringent government regulations and greater transparency have increased.

Now however, financial, accounting and insurance firms can add to their digital arsenal and surrender the keyboard, thanks to cloud-based speech recognition software.

According to the ABS, 42% of businesses in Australia are already using paid cloud to deliver better customer service. More importantly, cloud-services can help firms increase their competitiveness by boosting business productivity. As Deloitte Access Economics reports, 78% of respondents who took part in a 2018 survey to develop an understanding of cloud services and business in Australia, said they experienced productivity improvements using cloud-services.

Cloud-based speech recognition within the finance sector does just that – accelerates productivity to help keep you ahead of the game. It captures speech and converts it to text, making document creation easy to create and manage.

We speak much quicker than we type, so reports, investment analysis, accounting data, quotes, on-site assessments and more can be produced faster by simply talking, saving time, while boosting productivity.

Then there’s the accuracy. Dragon Professional Anywhere speech recognition offers 99% accuracy to ensure documents are created correctly and produced on time. This is particularly invaluable in a world where increasing documented compliance and timely reporting is required, and transparency is the norm.

Add to this that Dragon lets staff work while-on-the-go thanks to Dragon Anywhere Mobile, and business productivity can be greatly enhanced. Staff can access professional-grade mobile dictation from their iOS or Android device to create, edit and format documents of any length as well as share them while out in the field.

What’s more, whether staff are working from the office, home or out visiting clients, with Dragon Professional Anywhere they are all working with the same software version for productive collaboration.

Plus, financial firms also enjoy all the other benefits that cloud-based software brings. Updates happen automatically, new licenses can be added as needed, and data is secure with 256-bit encryption. And compliance is assured with national data protection and regulatory regimes met by Nuance.

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Cloud-based speech recognition within the finance sector The financial sectors are prolific document creators and riddled with paper processing. Many of these documents are required to meet corporate and government requirements. So how can cloud-based speech recognition help? Download our whitepaper to find out more.