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Dragon speech recognition software has a long and proven track record helping students with course work. When concentration, focus or typing itself is a challenge, students can be at a significant disadvantage, and not because of any lack of ability, but because of the barriers these tasks present. When students start to use Dragon these barriers are pushed to one side, and they are back on a level playing field with their peers. We spoke to a paramedic student to find out how Dragon helped her with her course work, and the benefits it has brought to her family life too.

Michelle Tolley is a second-year paramedic student. She was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia during her first year at university, and Dragon Professional Individual (our AI-powered speech recognition product for standalone users), was recommended to her. Michelle has not been a Dragon user for long, but she has already experienced some profound and far-reaching benefits of its speech to text capabilities.

Before becoming a Dragon user, Michelle found producing coursework like essays was a stressful and time-consuming process. She would find it hard to keep a flow of ideas going, not least because she’d have to stop writing frequently to check her spelling. Her chosen course made this doubly difficult, as the paramedic world is full of complex medical terminology.

Michelle would find that the whole process of essay writing was difficult. It was not easy to maintain a train of thought because of all the spell checking she had to do, and her typing was slow causing further problems with keeping the flow of work going. She would find that she had to stay up late to get work finished, and being tired in the morning would impact the quality time she could spend with her daughter.

Since starting to use Dragon things have changed dramatically. Michelle found using Dragon was very easy to learn, and she has become much less anxious about writing essays. She can complete course work more quickly, and has seen her grades rise. All of this results in a significant reduction in the stress and anxiety she used to feel about coursework. Michelle’s family life has improved too. She now has more time to spend with her daughter, and that time is of higher quality, as she is much more relaxed when they are together.

Read more about Michelle Tolley’s experience of Dragon here.

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