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Dragon: the difference is in the details

If you’ve used freeware solutions for converting speech to text then you will have already experienced some of the advantages it has over typing. Perhaps you’ve used the tool in your smartphone to create text messages, or tried another free way of converting spoken words into editable text. If you’ve done that you will have realised how much faster it is than typing. The basic point has been proved. But Dragon Professional Anywhere offers so much more than a free solution can provide, and by sticking with a free solution, you’re a long way from enjoying all the benefits.

Free dictation to text solutions can’t begin to match up to the full range of capabilities that Dragon Professional Anywhere has when it comes to turning spoken words into editable text. Those capabilities will boost productivity far further than the free options can. As well as document productivity benefits, Dragon Professional Anywhere, our cloud based voice recognition software, also provides organisations with compliance and technology management advantages.

Here are some of our top benefits, when compared to free solutions.

Custom vocabularies. Some professions have very specialised vocabularies, including long and complex terms that it is not always easy to spell accurately. These terms can be built in to Dragon, so they are never wrongly spelled again. If they are also difficult to pronounce, or they are particularly long, then the words themselves can be replaced with an abbreviation. Say the abbreviation and the whole term is inserted into a document, saving time and eliminating the frustration of regular repetition.

Work anywhere, on any device. Because Dragon Professional Anywhere is cloud based you can start dictating a document on your laptop, continue it on your tablet, and finish it on your phone. This is great for mobile workers and for home workers who might not have a dedicated office space.

Deep learning for superior, personalised accuracy. At Nuance we have many years of research and development behind our products. We use AI and deep learning techniques to help understand what individual people say and how they say it. This means Dragon speech recognition gets better over time.

More than digital dictation. Dragon functions within your document creation software, but its power extends much further, and it lets you use voice commands with many apps. Need to start an email? Say “send an email” and the addressee’s name, and Dragon will open your email software and start the message. Want to do a web search? Say “Search the web for” and your subject, and the search will happen. Features like these significantly speed up everyday tasks.

Cloud storage and data security.  Because Dragon Professional is based in the cloud Nuance takes care of all the patches, security updates and software updates. We also take care of legal and regulatory compliance, and industry standard 256-bit encryption keeps data safe from prying eyes.

We’re always here to answer your questions about how Dragon Professional Anywhere can help you. If you want to learn more, get in touch with us here.