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Finding new pathways for communication, collaboration, and content creation for your remote workforce

As a growing segment of the workforce moves from traditional office spaces to remote, flexible work environments, organizations must continually find new pathways to enable communication, collaboration, and content creation without straining already burdened IT and support teams. Cloud-based application delivery allows organizations to adapt to an expanding remote workforce while also creating a great digital experience for employees.

Recent data revealed that about 25% of Britain’s workforce currently has the ability to work remotely. That’s about 8 million people with the option to work from home in 2020, a number that has risen from about 4.2 million in 2015—and may well continue to rise rapidly as more and more organizations must adapt to a new normal.

For flexible and remote work environments, enabling pathways for effective communication and collaboration may be even more important than in traditional office environments; the solution often lies in cloud-based applications, such as those that support enterprise-wide file sharing, simplify collaboration, or enable document creation. The advantage of cloud-based applications, of course, is that they are far easier to manage at scale while eliminating the need to provision and update local computers.

More important than convenience, though, remains the employee experience with your organization. A recent study revealed a simple truth: a great digital experience for employees is linked with higher employee satisfaction, industry competitiveness, and revenue growth. Consider, for example, how Dragon Professional Anywhere can help your remote workforce achieve those goals by providing an effective pathway to create documents and communications, short-cut repetitive tasks, and update databases with the power of their voice and by relying on flexible, cloud-based application delivery. Workers’ computers don’t have to be state of the art and IT departments aren’t committed to labor-intensive deployments. Instead, Dragon scales easily to accommodate your growing remote workforce by running complex and demanding software in the cloud, freeing technical teams to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Ultimately, cloud-based applications are ideal for a remote workforce because they can quickly and easily scale up and down as needed. In addition, at a time when workers are facing—and overcoming—new challenges, creating a great digital experience means maximizing individual productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

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