Financial services

How the finance sector can find the freedom to work differently

Finance and insurance companies face challenges in the current situation just like many other organizations. Their challenges are made more difficult than in some sectors due to compliance and regulatory factors. It is important that staff have the right tools for the job, and that their workload is eased as much as possible. Dragon can help both because it is faster to use than conventional typing, and because cloud deployment makes it easier to deploy and manage in these times of social distancing. Its data encryption is a key advantage too.

Finance and insurance companies face challenges in the current situation just like many other organizations. In addition to keeping on top of workloads, organizations in these sectors must meet sector-specific regulations and compliance requirements. With teams working from home, some processes take longer, it is not always easy to manage workflows as well as in the office, and it can be more difficult to meet tight deadlines.

To manage these challenges, organizations need to find new ways to support their staff. Software is coming to the rescue in many ways. Online meetings are replacing in-person ones, and often these are more focused, and more productive. Collaboration software is being used by many for the first time, and its flexibility and immediacy might be really helping people feel more in control of their workload, and be more effective collaborators too.

Dragon Professional Anywhere fits perfectly into the home worker’s software toolbox, and finance and insurance organizations can benefit as much as any other. Speech is faster than typing, improving document production time and helping with what can feel like a race to meet deadlines. Dragon can be deployed in the cloud, so it has minimal hardware requirements – ideal for those working from home for the first time, who might not have access to a very up to date computer, and it doesn’t require a great deal of bandwidth, so it should not stress a consumer-grade broadband connection.

For IT teams, deployment doesn’t require access to individual laptops, and security patches and updates are applied in the cloud. This means less downtime for workers waiting for laptops to be serviced, and, crucially, no need for IT support teams to travel to workers’ homes, or contemplate breaking social distancing rules.

Data is encrypted both in transit and ‘at rest’ – when it is sitting on servers not being actively accessed, so compliance and security are taken care of with relative ease, and sensitive information is protected. In addition, seats can be easily added and removed as a workforce changes shape and size, so temporary staff at all levels of the business can be easily accommodated even at short notice, scaling up when key deadlines are in sight.

There is no getting away from the fact that we are currently working and living through very difficult and strange times. Steps employers can take to ease the burden on their people are worth taking – and that goes as much for the financial and insurance sectors as any other.

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