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Nuance tops KLAS report comparing Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) vendors 

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We’re very proud to announce that KLAS has identified Nuance as the CDI leader in partnering with customers to drive efficiency and outcomes. It’s a testament to our approach as a CDI vendor—innovating for and with our customers to ensure that they succeed.

What does every healthcare organization want when they invest in a Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) solution? Measurable outcomes. They want to see greater efficiency and productivity, improved quality scores, more accurate reimbursement, and most importantly, they want their patients to receive the best possible care. 

That’s why I’m so proud to share the findings of KLAS’s June 2023 Performance Report, in which Nuance is identified as the top CDI vendor for helping customers drive efficiency and outcomes. 

In the report, Nuance ranks above other CDI vendors for driving tangible outcomes and supporting integration goals. We also stand out as one of only two vendors that surpass the market average in both these key categories for a healthcare technology partner. 

Why do our customers rate Nuance so highly? Certainly, we help them prove their CDI business case and track how their investment is moving the needle on the metrics that matter most. But I think it’s also because we care deeply about making a difference for them—in every way we can.  

What it takes to create superior experiences and outcomes 

At Nuance, we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class technology and a superior customer experience. Both depend on building close partnerships with healthcare organizations, who trust us to understand their immediate challenges and long-term goals. 

This understanding allows us to evolve Nuance CDE One, our AI-driven documentation integrity solution, in lock-step with our customers’ needs. It also allows us to tailor implementations, while drawing on our decades-long relationships with EHR partners to ensure a smooth integration experience. 

But—and this is critical—we deeply care about the sustained success of our customers. Long after implementation, we remain invested in helping them optimize their outcomes. 

Our customer success teams provide ongoing support for CDE One users, equipping them with an array of educational resources, training, and tools. At the same time, they work with CDI managers to ensure they can track performance at their desired level of granularity. 

Simply put, we make sure everyone can make the most of AI-powered technology, and ultimately, feel even more confident in their roles. 

Why reporting is vital—and why Nuance stands out 

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of robust reporting. A strong reporting system helps you to evidence clinical and business outcomes quickly and confidently. It also enables you to spot the early warning signs of future problems, pinpoint training needs and opportunities, and optimize performance over time. 

But reporting is one area where many CDI solution users feel let down. KLAS notes, “Poor reporting is a common complaint of CDI users—64% of respondents express frustration with the reporting capabilities of their CDI solution. When reporting feels insufficient, users are less likely to feel their solution has the functionality necessary for success.” 

At present, some CDI solutions are meeting their users’ reporting needs much more effectively than others. As KLAS observes, “Nuance stands out to customers […] for the outcomes driven by the analytics package and for the system’s deep insights and visibility into data and performance.” 

To act on insights generated by a CDI solution, a healthcare organization needs to have confidence in their validity and be able to communicate them clearly to every stakeholder. KLAS says, “Nuance customers rate the accuracy of the reporting high and feel they have flexibility in creating reports and displaying data.” 

The seeds of CDI success 

A genuine understanding of each organization’s current needs and future goals. A committed partnership that provides consultative advice and support. The robust reporting to optimize performance and value over time. 

These are all seeds of success we plant with our customers—but we couldn’t do it without them. And we’re humbled they rate us so highly. You can read the KLAS June 2023 Performance Report for Clinical Documentation Integrity here.

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