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TechCares: how we rise to challenges defines us

We are proud to be one of the companies recognized by TrustRadius as a 2020 Tech Cares Award recipient for demonstrating our service and compassion to our professional, local, and global communities during COVID-19 and beyond.

When faced with serious, unexpected challenges, it’s natural for any of us as individuals to first ask, “What do I do?” But as members of multiple personal and professional communities, the single most important question we need to ask ourselves and those around us is: “How can we help?”

That was the question that dominated our thinking at Nuance at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our answer came from our stated corporate values and the nature of our work in the healthcare and customer service industries, providing solutions that empower people. It also came from the same type of thinking that goes into our technical and product innovations but on a much wider scale and with a strong sense of duty and service to others.

With this in mind, our customer success teams were able to spring into action and carefully evaluate the specific challenges posed by the pandemic across our customer base. After these evaluations, our healthcare and enterprise divisions created a comprehensive list of no-cost solutions. And, our product teams fast-tracked the development of new, innovative solutions to tackle the emerging issues brought on by COVID-19. These solutions included free software licenses for healthcare providers to enable physicians and nurses to create clinical documentation easily and securely from anywhere – using just their voices.

The licenses covered mobile documentation solutions for which we accelerated development to support the dramatic increase in telehealth visits; COVID-19-specific documentation templates to help stressed care teams capture crucial data on the diagnosis and treatment of the deadly new virus, and; solutions that enabled radiologists to read and report findings from diagnostic images safely from any location. As a result – and most importantly – healthcare professionals were free to do what they do best: focus on their patients when they needed it most.

The extent of our support surpassed free products and technology. To support those on the frontlines, we delivered free hot meals to more than 12,500 healthcare workers in the process.

For the banking, finance, telecom, travel, retail, and government industries, we offered a range of customer engagement solutions to help with the increase of customer questions and rapid transition to digital-first customer experiences. These solutions included consulting and crisis advisory services to allow contact centers to identify and respond to the spike in call center inquiries at the onset of the pandemic. We also made available an enhanced age-detection feature within our biometrics platform to prioritize services for seniors and better protect them from the increase in fraudulent activity brought on by the pandemic. The solution quickly identifies callers over the age of 65 and immediately prioritizes those calls, connecting them directly to live agents for better service and increased security.

Nuance always has uncovered innovative ways to help people with technology—it’s woven into our culture at Nuance. Our culture defines how we serve our customers – continually striving to be a trusted partner that supports them during even the most difficult times. In the end, it’s all about community, the importance of kindness, and the basic sense of humanity that we all share.

We are proud to be one of the companies recognized by TrustRadius as a 2020 Tech Cares Award recipient for demonstrating our service and compassion to our professional, local, and global communities during COVID-19 and always.

Diana Nole

About Diana Nole

Diana joined Nuance in June 2020 as the executive vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare division, which is focused on improving the overall physician-patient experience through cutting-edge AI technology applications. She is responsible for all business operations, growth and innovation strategy, product development, and partner and customer relationships. Over the course of her career, Diana has held numerous executive and leadership roles, serving as the CEO of Wolter Kluwers’ Healthcare division, president of Carestream’s Digital Medical Solutions business, and vice president of strategy, product management, and marketing for Eastman Kodak’s Healthcare Information Technology Solutions business. Diana has dual degrees in Computer Science and Math from the State University of New York at Potsdam and earned her MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.