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Working better, faster, and smarter: conversational AI solutions for remote work

Remote work, once a nice-to-have option, is now a necessary reality of new work environments. Employers who recognize this significant shift are now looking for new tools and resources to help make this transition as successful as possible. Conversational AI holds great promise in many areas, but particularly for remote work. Dragon Professional Anywhere harnesses the power of conversational AI to help us all work better, faster, and smarter.

There are several lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—lessons like patience, creativity, resiliency, the value of slowing down. From a business perspective, we also have learned that some of us can do our work from anywhere. And as we consider the short-, medium-, and long-term effects of the pandemic on the global workforce, we have all begun to realize that remote work is playing a large role in the future of “business as usual.” To do so most effectively, however, many organizations are reviewing policies, evaluating operations, and prioritizing investments.

The goal of these efforts, of course, is to alleviate some of the challenges that remote work can present and to create an ideal work experience. Often, that means leveraging new technologies, including cloud-based applications and tools. It also means taking advantage of solutions and resources that can help reduce the time-consuming burdens of mundane tasks (such as creating reports and filling out forms) while enhancing productivity, efficiencies, and satisfaction with work.

It’s in this context that we at Nuance are proud and honored to announce the availability of Dragon Professional Anywhere in the United States, bringing the power of Nuance’s speech recognition solutions to multiple markets, including law enforcement, social services, financial services, and legal. Our conversational AI platform seamlessly integrates with business applications to let workers use the power of their voice to create detailed, accurate documentation quickly and easily – naturally.

Professionals who do their work in the field will love the addition of Dragon Anywhere Mobile, which turns their mobile device into their workstation. This enables them to capture critical information at the point of interaction, or even edit, format, and share documents from their mobile device – anywhere, at any time.

To learn more about Dragon Professional Anywhere, please visit us at https://www.nuance.com/dragon/business-solutions/dragon-professional-anywhere.html.

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