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A culture of diversity where everyone feels welcome, heard, and valued

We believe in creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, heard, and valued. In our open and inclusive culture, everyone can bring their authentic selves to work and simply be who they are, wherever they are. Hear our employees share their different perspectives and experiences on what diversity means to them.

It is easy for a company to say it prioritizes and celebrates inclusion and diversity, but it’s another thing entirely to actually walk the talk.  Our employees are the reason Nuance is such an incredible place to work, and it is the multitude of our voices and differences of our opinions, perspectives, and experiences that keeps our Conversational AI technology at the cutting edge.  Afterall, we believe that our best ideas are the ones that we build together.

We couldn’t be prouder of our colleagues or the amazing work we do each day, so we asked some of our colleagues to share why inclusion and diversity matters, and here’s what they had to say:  

Courtney, Business Development Associate: “Diversity and inclusion mean showing up as I am. It means my authentic self can be celebrated and represented at work. I have never felt less pressure to conform professionally than here at Nuance. I can be Courtney, the Hispanic and Caribbean, Black professional. I feel represented. There’s gender and racial equality, and the mindset from leadership that everyone’s voice counts”.

Shanda, Senior Marketing Development Manager: “As a young lesbian in my early 20’s, I saw a grim future but always had high hopes. In the back of my mind, I would think I can be terminated for being gay, they are never going to let me get married or no one will ever take me seriously at work.  And in the course of 20 something years, that all changed which made me know that being your true self in your personal and professional life is what really matters. Making the choice to be included and including others that are different from you is what will get things done.”

Meaghan, Senior Talent & Organizational Development Manager: “When I think about what diversity and inclusion mean to me, it’s commonplace to think about it in a professional setting. But beyond that, personally, as a parent, I make sure my son and daughter grow up to appreciate and value the strength that lies in the multitude of differences that those in the world around them carry. This isn’t simply accomplished through one discussion or a passing reminder, but an intentional commitment to show them that in the diversity around them, both the seen and unseen, are things to celebrate, opportunities to learn, and ideas to share. Building an inclusive culture at work is no different – it’s not the result of one person, one program, or a statement on a website. It’s the intentional presence of each of us, at the same table, freely and safely sharing our own unique perspectives, and solidifying a true environment of belongingness and equal access to opportunities. We recognize that for innovation to flourish, diversity of thought must be the norm.”

Sean, Senior User Interface Designer: “Even though company leaders can do a lot to foster and support a more diverse and inclusive culture, everyone else needs to make an effort in order to ensure voices that have been marginalized in our cultural past and present are heard and validated today. Given our industry focuses heavily on user experience, it’s imperative for all of us to be able to see experiences outside our own limited field of vision.”

Effi, Manager, Central Research: “As a woman in tech, I believe a more diverse workforce, with more women in leadership positions, will only serve to strengthen inclusive cultures. We know that gender balance and, in general, diversity brings new perspectives, stronger innovation, and better decisions.”

Lillian, Accounts Receivable Supervisor: “Coming from a diverse background (Macedonia – hail Alexander the Great!) and based on my previous, extensive travels, I understand cultures, diversity and how everyone at the end of the day seeks the same: health, love, and happiness, and a positive impact on our future. The foundation of building an inclusive future is to showcase everyone’s unique talents, and Nuance provides the tools and encouragement for this. I also need to mention the “With care and love” at the end of weekly emails from Mark Benjamin our CEO do not go unrecognized and get an “awww” from me each time I read it. Thank you Nuance for making this a diverse and amazing place to work!”

Lauren, Senior Security Analyst: “Personally, I deeply value insight, advice, and feedback. I find my conversations are most meaningful and useful to me when I get to know and speak with people who have completely different perspectives and backgrounds. I learn a lot from my colleagues and that has only made my experience here better. I get to work with people from all over the world, and the diverse perspectives and experiences make the work we do far more effective and successful – and it makes my time here much more fun.”

Mac, Senior Optimization Consultant: “Nuance has been doing an amazing job at diversity and inclusion. Our leadership genuinely understands that a diverse workforce is a successful one. This refreshing approach enables us to participate in more diverse teams that are more creative, innovative, and better meet our customer needs. The opportunity to be our authentic selves at work transforms us all and paves the way for greater inclusivity and diversity.”

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