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#NuanceThanks: Embracing Gratitude

#NuanceThanks was a company-wide campaign that gave employees an opportunity to share what they were genuinely grateful for and to uphold Nuance’s core values and culture, even while at home.

We were all stuck at home. We were helpless! We wanted to help. What could we do? The Employee Communications team wanted to provide Nuance employees with the chance to do something, to say something – that’s how #NuanceThanks came about. We gathered thanks across the company and shared our gratitude in photos and videos. Even though our efforts were just words and images, it was an action we all could take. And #NuanceThanks took off! We immediately received photos and videos from our EXCOM team and tons of employees across the globe. Even though we’re not together right now, nothing could hold Team Nuance back from living out the “Have fun” and “Talk about it” values that are so critical to our company culture. Meredith Mascolo and Jenni Sherwood give further insight into #NuanceThanks and its impact. 

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Why is gratitude important? 

Meredith: Gratitude is a positive and powerful act. When we’re thankful, we find the silver lining in what could be a challenging situation. Finding gratitude shifts your mindset to appreciation rather than negative thoughts. During COVID-19, we all have emotions running around our heads, and expressing thanks can focus us on what’s really important: people, teamwork, community… love. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true – people around the world are working hard to do what’s right, sacrifice for others, and support each other. #NuanceThanks spotlights this positive, appreciative feeling, and you can’t help but feel better when you see what others are thankful for! 

What surprised you most about the response to #NuanceThanks by employees? 

Jenni: Initially, I expected us to receive a few photos, maybe one or two videos trickling into our inboxes. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that when I opened my laptop the Monday morning after we launched this campaign that our email inbox, Teams channel, and corporate Instagram direct messages would be flooded with imaginative takes on #NuanceThanks. I saw so many people utilize our “Think big” value through their creative, and sometimes very artful, cards. The outpouring of support for frontline healthcare workers, essential workers, family…. everything, it made me quite emotional. I have always been proud to work at Nuance, but this was one of those special moments that made me exceptionally grateful for the people I work with, as well.  We all have so much to be grateful for and seeing so many people submit those pictures was that much-needed boost of positivity that so many social channels needed.

Which “thanks” impacted you the most? 

Meredith: I loved Lorendana’s photo (above) because it was so positive and focused on the now and the future. She really captured what I was thankful for as well. 

Jenni: I loved all of the pictures and videos that we received, but my favorite would have to be Laura’s picture (below). By recognizing the different “families” that she is a part of, Laura reminded me how important it is to be grateful for people in every aspect of my life (home, work, friends, etc.). Also, her message at the bottom about showing kindness was so thoughtful and heartwarming – truly a valuable mindset for us all!

How does #NuanceThanks tie into our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Nuance Cares? 

Meredith: Nuance Cares is a program for employees to give back to the causes and communities that matter most to them, through volunteering and donation matching. During this time more than ever, we all want to help, and employees are stepping up by volunteering online and donating to organizations that need help. #NuanceThanks gives employees yet another way to do good – through recognition and encouragement. 

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What role does social media play right now? 

Jenni: I think for many people, especially right now, social media plays a critical role in connecting with others. These platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc.) are helping people get up-to-the-minute news, find professional opportunities, maybe even help to bridge the gap between loved ones that has been created by social distancing requirements. As easy as it is to write these platforms off as silly phone apps, I think they’ve become vital as we’ve had to adjust our methods of communication. In recent weeks, what I’ve seen most is that social media is being utilized as an “escape” of sorts, away from bad news and the current reality. This is how people connect with friends, and I notice a greater reliance on it, even in my own life. It gives us a sense of normalcy and stability, which everyone could use a bit of right now.

The #NuanceThanks video below captures our good wishes and shows how social media can be used to spread encouragement and positive energy around the world. Even in these hard times, seeing “Thank you essential workers” as a trending topic is uplifting and can remind us that there is still lots of good in the world. In a time where, for the greater good, we need to stop physically connecting, social media gives us the channels where we can still communicate and bond.