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Introducing the Modern Voice: Intelligent, conversational experiences

As more people encounter AI-powered voice in their everyday lives, they come to expect more from their experience as a customer. The Modern Voice is changing the way we interact with brands, and it’s helping us have natural, conversational experiences in every part of our lives.

Think of the conversations you have every day.

They’re rarely straightforward. We get hundreds of new thoughts as we’re speaking, we go on tangents about other topics, and we end up talking about things we never expected to.

And that’s great. Sometimes the best results come from when a conversation de-rails—it can lead to exciting new ideas and solutions to problems we didn’t even know existed.

Think of the last time you called your organization’s contact center.

It was probably a completely different experience. You were likely greeted by a robotic sounding voice and restricted to only a few topics at a time.

Now, imagine what it would be like if those conversations were more like the ones we have every day.

Thanks to the latest advancements in AI-powered speech, you don’t have to imagine. People are already speaking to their banks and phone providers, and more with natural conversational speech—and in many cases, it’s Nuance’s advanced speech technologies making it happen.

A new voice in the market

The more people interact with conversational AI in their daily routine – through virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa—the more they expect from their experience as customers.

They look for easy ways to solve their problems as quickly as possible, without any friction. And the best way to meet these expectations at scale is with AI-fuelled technology.

With Modern Voice technology changing the approach to customer experience across a huge range of industries, businesses are developing intelligent, conversational voicebots for their IVR, websites, or mobile apps that handle customer requests without losing the human touch of a call agent.

Customers can speak in a natural voice—just as if they were talking to a friend—and they’re understood more clearly than ever before.

It doesn’t matter if a caller to the IVR wants to divert from the main topic, ask additional questions at any stage, or even change the purpose of the call completely—Modern Voice technology can adapt and respond instantly.

And with Nuance Vocalizer—an enterprise-ready text-to-speech output engine—making up a core part of the system, the voice the caller hears sounds human-like and expressive.

Modern Voice in action at Nationwide Building Society

At the Nuance Customer eXperience Summit in London in March 2019, Nationwide, a British mutual financial institution, shared the benefits it’s seeing from Modern Voice solutions.

After implementing Nuance Natural Language Understanding and Call Steering—technology that understands the caller’s intent and helps them navigate the call center—Nationwide saw an overnight transformation in its customer experience.

Customers can now speak naturally to the system and make a wide range of requests using just their voice—such as transfer money, check account balances, and hear their recent transactions.

With the power of Modern Voice technology behind them, Nationwide’s team managed to reduce call times by over 20%, as well as double the amount of cases solved in the IVR.

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