Is your COVID vaccine communication plan ready? Nuance's COVID vaccine solutions use proven AI and predictive technologies to automate accurate and appropriate answers to frequently asked questions via users' preferred communication channels.

Hope was in the air as the first trucks loaded with COVID vaccines pulled out of production plants in Michigan and began delivering supplies to pharmacies and healthcare facilities nationwide. It was an important milestone in Operation Warp Speed’s successful public-private collaboration to bring a desperately needed vaccine to market quickly.

It also marked the beginning of the urgent and complicated job not only of getting people vaccinated, but of getting them the information they need about how, where, and when they can receive the vaccine. That’s where Nuance is stepping up, supplying omnichannel, conversational AI-powered patient and customer engagement solutions that help organizations provide relevant and timely information that is tailored to the questions being asked.

Ensuring that people have effective and reliable access to accurate information is an essential component of any public health effort, let alone one with the unprecedented scale, speed and complexity of rolling out the COVID vaccine to hundreds of millions of people. Policies and procedures are in flux and vary around the world. Vaccine availability is not yet widespread, and administering multiple doses to targeted groups under current protocols is challenging.

People have countless questions about vaccine availability, costs, eligibility, scheduling, and side effects. As when the pandemic started, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, government agencies, insurance companies, schools, businesses, and other organizations expect to be inundated with these questions. We stepped forward in March with solutions that helped organizations on the front lines of the pandemic response help manage sudden increases in queries and supply people with answers and information. Today, we’re supplying solutions designed for the vaccination rollout.

Nuance’s COVID vaccine solutions use our proven AI and predictive technologies to automate accurate and appropriate answers to frequently asked questions via users’ preferred communication channels. These solutions ensure that people are informed about the vaccine by:

  • Anticipating COVID questions – We combine our digital virtual assistant solutions and healthcare and enterprise domain expertise to intelligently predict the questions people have and determine the best ways to respond. We’ve done that for years in partnership with leading national pharmacies with solutions related to flu shots and other vaccines. A major strength of our solution set that’s especially well-suited to the vaccine rollout is the ability to continuously update and adapt responses as the situation evolves.
  • Answering COVID questions – With such a large and diverse global population, the questions asked will vary over time by person, location, and circumstance. Nuance solutions incorporate the latest information from the CDC to inform responses and enable customized questions and answers as needed.
  • Providing a superior experience – Positive user experiences can profoundly affect outcomes, especially during an anxious time of disruption and change. That’s why Nuance specializes in creating seamless, consistent, and high-quality omnichannel experiences. For example, organizations can launch a COVID vaccine virtual assistant directly on their website, mobile app, or leverage other messaging channels, such as in-app messaging, MMS, SMS, Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages, and other third-party messaging platforms. They also can integrate backend systems to provide more detailed or custom responses, or proactively engage patients and customers about important items such as second-dose appointment reminders.
  • Freeing up resources – Because information can change frequently, training team members to answer every question quickly and accurately is nearly impossible. High contact volumes also slow down service and make it hard to prioritize senior citizens and others who may need phone support the most. Nuance virtual assistants can address all of those factors to reduce the burden on staff while providing self-service solutions to customers who prefer digital channels.

We are hopeful about the promise of a vaccine putting an end to this pandemic and are eager to help ease the burden (and costs) to supply accurate and timely information. For more information about Nuance’s offerings, click here.

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