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Nuance takes home two gold 2023 Stevie® Awards in healthcare

Image says 2023 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards Winner

Two of our most forward-thinking customers have taken home gold Stevie® Awards at this year’s event. The Stevie® has become one of the world’s most renowned prizes for sales and customer service, recognising leaders that stand out among their competitors for their innovations. Here’s a closer look at the award wins.

Every year, we’re proud to see so many of our customers recognised for their impressive service, security, and healthcare innovations at The Stevie® Awards—and this year is no exception.

We’re excited to share in the success of two gold Stevie® winners in healthcare. These organisations have proven what’s possible, and are continuously pushing the boundaries of patient experiences and digital transformation.

Mackay Hospital and Health Services – Gold for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning, and Implementation – Healthcare

Mackay has always been an innovator when it comes to implementing digital technology to support healthcare delivery. Its continued focus on empowering staff to streamline admin work in the emergency room has paved the way for higher quality patient care and improved clinician wellbeing.

Using Dragon Medical One, Mackay has helped its clinicians reduce the time they spend on documentation by as much as 30%—with one doctor now completing orders ready for sign-off in just 10 seconds, compared to one minute and 20 seconds when typing.

These time savings are helping Mackay mitigate the effects of the Australian healthcare workforce crisis, enabling its clinicians to spend more time with patients, and helping them achieve a better work/life balance while improving documentation quality. 

“When clinicians complete documentation in real time, they remember the finer details, and they create it in a more structured format—improving the quality of the notes,” says Dr Pieter Nel, Chief Digital Director of Medical Services at Mackay. “We’ve found our notes are much more comprehensive, longer, and more detailed.”

Solution: Dragon Medical One

Gold Coast Health – Gold for Innovation in Digital Transformation – Government and Healthcare

Gold Coast Health is a leader in compassionate, sustainable, and highly reliable healthcare, continuously embracing new technologies to meet the needs of its community. As part of its Digital Liberate Initiative—which aims to shape predictive, preventative, and personalised healthcare services—Gold Coast Health equips its clinicians with Dragon Medical One, our cloud-based clinical documentation companion. 

Using Dragon Medical One, clinicians can complete documentation using only their voice. They can create more accurate and comprehensive notes in a fraction of the time—allowing them to spend more time with patients, and less time on admin out of hours. Gold Coast Health Paediatrician Dr Francoise Butel confirmed it is helping her in her daily tasks, “Use of Dragon Medical One has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of my clinical documentation.”

Clinicians at Gold Coast Health are also using Dragon Medical One to automate high-volume, repeatable tasks in their clinical information systems using speech. This capability is helping the organisation improve the overall experience and efficiency of its clinicians’ roles, with the average clinician saving two hours a month and some saving up to eight hours a month.

Solution: Dragon Medical One

Congratulations to our award winners

It’s an honour to congratulate all our award winners—and see their successes recognised throughout their industries. I’d also like to extend my congratulations to the Nuance teams that have helped deliver these award-winning solutions and grow them into the valuable services they are today.

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