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Banking and financial services are competitive industries, and companies need to work hard to stay ahead. Customers want services delivered at speed, with the confidence that their service providers are fully compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. They want efficient service every step of the way, and this includes clear, informative documentation delivered in a timely fashion. This is why brands at the top table in the sector choose Dragon to play a part in the document creation process.

For many people, visiting a bank branch to do their day to day business is a thing of the past. We pay bills automatically or on demand through web sites or mobile apps. We also use apps to check balances and make one-off payments. For many of us, just passing our mobile phone or even a smartwatch across a reader in store is enough to make a payment.

These are the most obvious signs for bank and financial services users that their providers are taking advantage of financial technology or ‘fintech’ to help them provide streamlined, easy to access and end-user focused services. There is much more use of technology behind the scenes.

Dragon has a key role to play in supporting banks and financial services organisations in their quest to serve customers effectively. Leading names like Barclays or HSBC already use Dragon for different aspects of their work. These are top-table companies, and they have substantial business interests to look after. So it is a significant endorsement that they want to use Dragon as part of their technology setup.

Because of its ability to create documents from spoken words at speed and with accuracy, Dragon helps banks and financial services organisations in several ways, including:

  • Compliance. Custom vocabularies, the ability to insert set phrases or even whole paragraphs into documents, can help with accurate document production, ensuring customers and others are aware of the fine detail of regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Speed. Dragon speech to text puts spoken words right onto the screen – removing the barrier of the keyboard, making the production of documents, reports, emails and more fast and easy.

Because Dragon is deployed in the cloud, our customers can scale its use easily, and we take care of ensuring it is always up to date, legally compliant and accessible wherever people happen to be working. This can take a considerable burden of responsibility from in house IT teams.

Banks and financial services providers don’t have to be large to take advantage. Dragon scales to businesses of all sizes. This means any organisation can take their seat at the top table with some of the best known brands in the sector.

To learn more about how Dragon can help banks and financial services providers book a demo today.

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