Financial services

The time is right for accounting firms to embrace speech recognition software

Finance and accounting firms have shown their readiness to adapt to new technologies over many years. Spreadsheets replaced ledgers, accounting applications replaced spreadsheets, and cloud accounting software is now the norm. In embracing new technologies accounting firms have improved efficiencies, supported anywhere working, delivered advantages through cloud computing and saved money. This degree of forward thinking sits uneasily with the fact that for some accounting firms, document production has not progressed as far, or as fast, and is still often managed the old fashioned way, using a keyboard rather than the modern way using voice.

Accounting firms that have not yet made the move to cloud based speech recognition software might be putting themselves at a commercial disadvantage, losing out on faster, more accurate document production, and the benefits that cloud based software brings.

At the current time accounting firms, like many others, are embracing working from home. What was forced upon them by the Covid-19 pandemic is being adopted as a longer term strategy. PWC has said the majority of its 22,000 UK staff will spend some time working remotely even after the current crisis is over, and other firms have made similar statements. Now is the perfect time for accounting firms to take a look at how Dragon Professional Anywhere can help them boost productivity and provide those working from home with software that’s easy to use, efficient, and secure – just like the cloud accounting packages they are already using.

With many small accounting firms lacking specialist technical teams, Dragon Professional Anywhere is a much more appropriate solution than on-device document creation. Because it is in the cloud it is easy to add new seats as a firm grows. Updates, patches and new features are added remotely too, removing the need to provision individual laptops. Data is secure both in transit and at rest – Dragon speech recognition benefits from 256-bit encryption. And compliance is assured with national data protection and regulatory regimes met by Nuance.

Add to this that we speak much faster than we type, and even trained touch-typists can use Dragon speech to text to create documents faster. In addition documents are easily shared between remote workers so that collaborative working is supported, saving time and helping forms to maximise billable hours. All in all, there really has never been a better time to try Dragon Professional Anywhere. Take a look at our special report on Speech Recognition and the Finance Professionals, or book a demo to find out more.