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AI Marketplace is open for business! Developers create deep learning algorithms for radiology.

Algorithm developers, publishers, data scientists, and radiologists can successfully code to Nuance’s radiology API’s and distribute countless AI applications to over 2000 PowerScribe 360 Reporting and Workflow clinical users.

Here’s a bit of news followed by a little history. First, the news:  The Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging is officially open for business!

After finalizing logistics and implementing the details, the AI Marketplace officially welcomed its first 34 AI software developers, since its ‘doors opened’ at the HIMSS18 conference earlier this month. These AI development partners will be among the first to offer a wide range of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for image analysis, workflow optimization, clinical decision support, and other radiology applications and use cases.

We look forward to seeing radiologists access the AI Marketplace to download and subscribe to algorithms, then incorporate those algorithms into their regular PowerScribe desktop workflow. To see this come to fruition in less than 6 months since our RSNA announcement, and to watch the initial reception is truly exciting. It feels to me like a “Field of Dreams” experience — when a big change happens so quietly at first that many people don’t notice it until later. But it is happening, and it is profound.

That brings me to the history. Not quite 10 years ago – July 10, 2008 – Apple launched the iOS App Store with a modest 500 apps. There was skepticism at first, but now it’s an integral part of our daily lives with more than 2.2 million apps of every description available. It propelled the app store concept to where it is now covering smartphones, computers, and other devices and markets. The other notable aspect of the Apple App Store was how quickly it caught on. Those first 500 apps grew to 50,000 in the App Store’s first year of operation driven by Apple’s support for third-party developers, a published software development kit (SDK), and a large base of tech-savvy iPhone users hungry for apps.

When you combine the news and the history, you can see why we are so excited about the potential for the AI Marketplace. Algorithm developers, publishers, data scientists, and radiologists can successfully code to Nuance’s radiology API’s and distribute countless AI applications to over 2000 PowerScribe 360 Reporting and Workflow clinical users.
More than just a place to offer and access radiology algorithms, and unlike other AI development platforms, the AI Marketplace offers subscribers a feedback channel to developers and publishers to enable continuous learning and refinement of their algorithms. It’s a simple but incredibly effective way to develop, test, validate, and refine imaging algorithms, then seamlessly connect them to the radiologist’s existing workflow.

Since 70 percent of radiologists use Nuance diagnostic solutions in the United States, the widespread development, adoption, and rapid deployment of imaging AI algorithms are easily integrated into the existing workflow of thousands of radiologists. As a result, we are augmenting the practice of radiology with AI algorithms that are useful, usable, and used – at scale.

On top of creating and using radiology algorithms, the entire radiology and development community can discover and share new and improved ways of managing workflows, interpreting images, and reporting findings. As we witnessed with Apple, there’s a certain serendipity that creates its own growth, finds innovative use cases, and opens new lines of thought and exploration. That’s truly exciting.

Developers, radiologists, and other members of the healthcare community interested in playing a part in transforming and improving the practice of medicine with AI can get in touch with us for more information or to get started in the AI Marketplace.

Attendees at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, CA, March 26-29, can get detailed practical info about the AI Marketplace directly from two of the industry’s top AI in radiology experts. Nuance’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Woojin Kim and Engineering Director Arman Sharafshahi will talk about the importance of clinical domain expertise in algorithm and model development. They’ll demonstrate how AI can augment radiologists in image interpretation and in the overall workflow. They’ll also cover the critical difference between developing a great AI model in isolation and having it become part of daily medical practice.
AI in radiology is not futuristic, foreboding, or frightening. It’s happening now — and offers incredible promise and immediate and ongoing benefits. We invite you to experience it for yourself. Just as the iOS App Store changed how we used and viewed smartphones, the AI Marketplace can deliver a similar transformation to the quality of care.

Join us and “go the distance” – register in the AI Marketplace today.